Vision Workshop

Create your dream and live it
In this workshop, Corinne shares some tools that she found effective in leading her way towards a specific goal and probably brought her to Morocco living one of her many dreams. She also shares why she thinks these tools work, which most likely again will help you to walk your journey.

Warming up with yoga asanas, connecting with your wishes and become honest with your feelings about it in a short meditation, and then put it all mindfully on paper creating a wonderful collage – and maybe a big step towards your dream?

Corinne has lived in around ten countries on three continents working in numerous different positions. Today, she looks back on more than 20+ years of rich work experiences worldwide. The last few years Corinne travelled mainly across Europe and to other parts of the world to share her experience and yoga joy. Her style is best described as mindful empowering yoga where she integrates and shares learnings from on and off the mat. More info:

WHAT: Vision Workshop
WHEN: 11 Jan 2020
DURATION: 11am – 2pm
WHERE: Tamraght Yoga Studio
WHAT TO BRING: Comfy clothes, one or two magazines, scissors
WHO: Everyone // all levels

Reserve your spot via email to