Soul Shine @ Soul City

Let your body, heart – and soul shine. Move through a gentle mindful and empowering sequence focussing on creating more space. Then with an open heart and relaxed body allow yourself to develop and manifest your dream. Maybe it’s even a first step to live it?

Corinne does live her dream currently between surfing in Morocco and dancing streets of Zurich, and other places. She will lead you through this session although she believes everyone is their own best teacher. Therefore, she understands her role as a teacher more as a facilitator for the dialogue between body and mind, a connector between the outer and inner world and as a host offering a safe space to explore the richness of the very moment. Her style is best described as mindful empowering yoga where she integrates and shares learnings from on and off the mat working in wellbeing and development around the world. More about Corinne:

This session is designed for YOU to shine. Corinne simply remains open to share anything she learnt from life so far after the class while she’ll be holding space for you to create your own dreams during the class.

Includes: Breathing for daily life. Asanas. Vision Meditation.

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