Osho Meditation

It’s already been a few years since I was invited to do an Osho Meditation as part of a yoga teacher training…For me it was and still is one of the most powerful meditation changing how I look at things today.

As, I received the music as a gift to be shared with friends and family I suggest a donation of around 50Dirham. Whatever you chose to invest though, it will go fully towards Sarah Bischof’s “Support Flow to Morocco” project.

WHAT: Guided OSHO meditation
WHEN: 30 Dec, 7.30pm
HOW LONG: The meditation is 60mins, divided into 4 parts of 15mins. We scheduled some time around that for arrival, intro and space at the end
WHERE: Tamraght Yoga Studio
HOW MUCH: 50 Dirham recommended donation
WHO: Everyone who wants to explore the interplay of movement and stillness in a meditation

REGISTRATION: Write an email to reserve your spot to corinne_d@outlook.com

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