“As we learn to speak from the heart
we are changing the habits of a lifetime.

– Marshall Rosenberg –

Corinne advised and worked on internal and external communication strategies, tools and products throughout her professional life. In her studies around business administration, she specialised in corporate communication and completed her thesis on crisis communication with distinction.

She was always interested in arts, cultures and languages. Therefore she often explores creative methods to work on common ideas or to offer a space to express challenging issues. For that Corinne uses her background in international community development and the insights she gained from her travels, work and life in other countries, through which she started to look at the meaning of communication more deeply.

Through yoga, she gains again a better understanding of the communication between different body parts and systems. Besides, Corinne continuously studies the art and science of peaceful communication because she is convinced that it is key for a more happy and healthy world.


  • English Language Teaching (ELT) training course for teachers of refugees with focus on those whose first language is Arabic, Solidarity Now, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Translated a video about a Swiss musician from French into German
  • Provided technical support to small NGOs, freelancers and other organisations worldwide on fundraising, business development and communications including social media and developing websites
  • Co-author on a research brief for task sharing and a family planning method, 2014
  • Development of the website
  • Writing contributions for and


Corinne speaks German, Swiss German, English and French fluent and learnt enough basics for a simple conversation in Hindi, Greek, Kurdish, Slovenian, Italian, Spanish, and Nyanja. Through her various work she also learnt different technical languages.