Greets the sun. Dances to the music of this moment. Surfs waves of life. Builds bridges. Connects dots. Finds beauty everywhere. Share smiles. Feels home in this world.

Growing up in Switzerland Corinne started her career in tourism. Since she took chances to explore the world from different angles. Corinne has lived in around ten countries on three continents working in the social, private and public sectors. Today, she looks back on more than 20 years of rich work experiences in numerous positions worldwide.

Finally, her professional journey led her to work in international and humanitarian development fulfilling one of her childhood dreams. For the last thirteen years she is now dedicating her time on wellbeing and development at individual, community, organisational and international level with a focus on health for the last seven years.

The idea for Growth for Peace evolved in the process of finding a name for a project close to her heart and representing both, yoga and international community development. Now the idea stands for Corinne’s philosophy, methodology or interpretation towards work and life.

Wherever she is and with whom she interacts, Corinne aims at offering a smile and providing space for growth: coming together for a more happy, light, healthy, connected, and peaceful world.