Greets the sun. Dances to the music of this moment. Shares smiles. Surfs waves of life. Builds bridges. Captures beauty. Feels home in the world.

Corinne grew up in Switzerland starting her career in tourism. Since she has lived in ten countries on three continents working in the social, private and public sectors worldwide including several years in international development and humanitarian work.

Coordinator, yoga instructor, facilitator, manager, writer, trainer, coach, analyst, lecturer, presenter, researcher, connector, model, carer, translator, adviser, intercultural mediator … she takes chances to explore the world from different angles.

Today, she looks back on more than 20 years of work experiences using her diverse experiences and network to work on wellbeing and development at personal, community, organisational and international level.

Corinne is currently based in Zurich, where she teaches yoga and works with two yoga studios on communication, community, and coordination. In September, she’ll be sailing in France and Italy to expand her yoga joy.

General experiences

    coaching individuals, empowering communities, advising start-ups, guiding on national and international policies
  • delivering yoga and mindfulness sessions
  • developing communication strategies, tools and products
  • managing projects and advising on research, programmes and strategies
  • integrating systems and harmonising processes across departments
EducationMA International Community Development (Distinction), University of Westminster, UK
  • BSc Business Administration (Distinction in major: Corporate Communication), University of Applied Science, Switzerland
  • Vocational Business baccalaureate, KV Zurich Business School, Zurich, Switzerland