General experiences

  • coaching individuals, empowering communities, advising start-ups, guiding on national and international policies
  • facilitating and running workshops, events and training
  • delivering yoga and mindfulness sessions
  • developing communication strategies, tools and products
  • managing projects and advising on research, programmes and strategies
  • integrating systems and harmonising processes across departments


  • offered yoga sessions at a retreat for hear impaired women on Mallorca
  • delivered yoga, fitness and languages sessions for asylum seekers in Greece
  • hosted yoga sessions at events including the OM Yoga Show in London

Community, Communication and Coordination

  • taught international community development methodology and methods to master students at the University of Westminster
  • advocated as member of the Amnesty International Children’s Rights Network Committee in London for child rights and protection
  • advised on youth programming, community development and wellbeing for the public and private health sector in West Africa and particularly Burkina Faso
  • led a community-based research on microcredit, indigenous knowledge and women’s empowerment in India and set up a medical research in Zambia
  • created an evidence-based crisis communication concept for an NGO in Zurich
  • provided technical support to small NGOs, freelancers and other organisations worldwide on fundraising, business development and communications
  • translated a video about a Swiss musician from French into German