Get involved

Based on previous professional experiences and theoretical learnings, Corinne is happy to contribute to your wellbeing and development:

  • coordinating various workshops, events, projects, programmes, research, training and yoga retreats worldwide
  • managing projects including design, risk analysis, implementation, quality assurance, evaluation
  • integrating, harmonising and improving systems and processes across departments such a finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, operations, procurement and building capacity of staff members
  • developing communication strategies, tools and products as for example for different channels and according to different audiences as for example writing concepts and briefs as well as maintaining websites and managing social media
  • mentoring and advising start-up businesses, coaching individuals, empowering communities, guiding on national and regional policies, contributing to international development
  • providing sessions on wellbeing through yoga asanas, breathing exercises, meditation, and mindfulness practice

Type of collaborations

coaching  consulting.png  technical support


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