me @ peace

Yoga Therapy, personal development and coaching

work @ peace

Consulting on integrating, harmonising and improving systems and processes across departments such a finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, operations, procurement; coordinating projects, programmes, research, and training.

Consulting on corporate communication strategies and creating tools and products according to different audiences and specific contexts. Translations. Support with Social Media and Website Development.

Providing or coordinating retreats, workshops and events around project management, communications, international community development and yoga.

community @ peace

Sounding needs, establishing on what is to create something together. Consulting on empowering and engaging communities. Using art and culture as platforms for peaceful exchange. Turning little resources in a short time into a great impact. Supporting finding possible funding streams and improving finances.

world @ peace

Liaising for international development relations. Conduct or consult on quantitative and qualitative research. Guide on national, regional and international policies.

Facilitating retreats, workshops and training.


Connect to analyse and discuss your wellbeing and development tailored to your current needs.