Mind @ Peace

Powerful free meditations offered to you in collaboration with Ruhe & Pol:

Heart @ Peace

Building up on previous very successful work and being invited to present the project at the Dundee Community Development Conference in 2019, Corinne is keen to bring yoga and mindfulness to disadvantaged communities (refugee camps, slums, other challenging environments) and especially to young (women) around the globe in the form of a ToT (training-of-trainers).


  • increased awareness of health and body
  • strengthening capacity: alternative livelihood options / income
  • sense of community / belonging / connection
  • bringing together different backgrounds
  • physical strength, flexibility, balance
  • trauma and stress release
  • platform to learn playfully cultural diversity and communication skills (e.g. languages)
  • improved reaction to adverse events

I’m currently looking to match partners to create an impact around the world. Interested? Please connect for more information.