“When I talk to you, I am at peace. Because you can give me tips in a way that I understand well. In the future, I want to be like you: strong so that I can support other people

“The regular private yoga session with you became the highlight of my week. Thank you”

“My body was not comfortable usually with backbends, but after one session with Corinne I move into Camel pose with ease and enjoy it.

“Nice to see you at work so professionally and friendly, all were happy. It’s new to me to see men at yoga and I was impressed how they were all engaged”

“Thanks to you I’ve enough self-confidence to do a headstand again”

“Ambassador of Love and Peace

“In a short time you changed the team dynamics of this one team to be more happy and peaceful. Only got good feedback about you, also from other teams”

Read how Florina from Yoga Studio Guide Zurich describes meeting Corinne.

“So glad I met you, you’re so calm

“Inspired by the life energy and love that you pass on to others. Thank you, Corinne, for being so great”

“How can you transfer so much positive energy to each individual in a class of 25 particpants after six hours of teaching ?”

”Corinne, you have a rare quality. When I talk to you, I feel you listen.”

“Corinne encouraged and motivated us always to do a daily yoga session during the retreat and after her yoga session, we all felt better”

“Can we get another mediation and breathing session with you, please?”

“Corinne. You live in the momentInspiring.”

Can-do attitude”            “Hardworking”                  “On top of things”

“Exactly the kind of yoga I needed

“Your reference said I couldn’t find someone better and more flexible for that job. They were right”

Patient”          “Creative”         “Contiguous  smile”            “Shiny

“When I think of the yoga sessions with you at the retreat, I smile”

“Your way of work and your presence gave me security – after a long stressful time I was able to calm down”

“Because of you, I believe in the good of people”

“A good soul, a lot of empathy and energy. Can move a lot and wants to reach all kind of people

“I really enjoyed the time with you. Your warm and calm attitude, your soothing voice, I have taken away a lot from you”