Growth for Peace


Growth for Peace is based on a very simple idea: humans, communities, organisations and systems thrive when they are well. Therefore, Corinne is looking at the economic, social, cultural, environmental and political systems we live in and the interplay of those systems. She studies the complexity of human beings who share common values, goals and interests – or not. Mainly she is interested in linking the individual experience with the communal needs and international politics, and vice versa. In short, it is about valuing what is, while finding solutions for being more well together.

Explore. Experience. Evolve. Empower.

The name Growth for Peace evolved in the process of finding a name for a project representing both, yoga and international community development. Really it is like Corinne’s life motto: wherever she is and with whom she interacts, she aims at offering a smile and providing space for growth – coming together for a more happy, light, healthy, connected, and peaceful world.